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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Changes Coming for Troopers & Bounty Hunters

Two blog posts have been published on the Star Wars: The Old Republic site laying out big advanced class changes for both the Mercenary and the Commando. These two begin a series of articles designed to introduce players to the new 'Discipline' system and detail the specific changes players can expect when utilizing and playing in their chosen advanced class.

Lords of The Fallen: Ancient Labyrinth DLC Announced

CI Games has announced that Lords of the Fallen will receive a content expansion DLC later this winter. Called "Ancient Labyrinth", the DLC will feature puzzles, epic battles and exploration.

General: Echo of Soul to Launch in Spring 2015

The same team that created Lineage II is behind Echo of Soul. According to press information, Echo of Soul will launch in Spring 2015 in both North America and the European Union. To celebrate the announcement, the team released a teaser trailer. Check it out!

WildStar: Facing the Black Focus

After a promising testing period, WildStar's third content update will soon be going live. Along with a ton of new content, Carbine's also been working hard on a number of 'quality-of-life' updates to the MMO. For this week's column, Gareth Harmer took a tour of the upcoming patch with Content Designer Morgan Brown.

World of Warriors: Surprisingly Addictive RPG-Lite Fun

Developer Mind Candy is best known in the UK for making the wildly popular Moshi Monsters iOS game. But the Moshi games tend to be more widely adopted by kids and casual gamers. Today marks the official launch of Mind Candy's first attempt at pleasing the core gamer audience with World of Warriors. A charismatic and addictive RPG fighter for iOS devices, you just might find your next time-passer with this little gem. Read on for our full review.

Stormthrone: R2 Games Previews Blacksmithing

The R2 Games team has sent out a quick preview of how blacksmithing will work in Stormthrone, its forthcoming MMO. Players will be able to create, gem, enchant, imbue and upgrade armor, then destroy it for components if needed.

Skyforge: Closed Beta Weekend Sweepstakes! has partnered with the Allods Team and to give away 100 keys granting access to the Skyforge beta weekend event taking place between Nov 13-16.

Trove: Open Beta Launches

Players looking for a new multiplayer building experience will want to check out Trion's Trove which has entered its open beta stage of development. Players are invited to download Trion's "Glyph" platform and give Trove a try.

World of Warcraft: WoW as Cancer Therapy

A new documentary centered primarily around World of Warcraft will be making its debut soon. Called "WoW Mom", the documentary originally started as a project to bring attention to Terry Bolts' rare form of cancer. It later evolved into a journey of discovery at how gaming communities, many within World of Warcraft most notably, have been created to bring sufferers from a wide range of ailments together in a therapeutic manner.

General: Blizzcon Goodie Bag Revealed

Lucky stiffs Garrett Fuller and Bill Murphy are boots on the ground at the 2014 Blizzcon in Anaheim, California. The event doesn't begin until tomorrow, but the guys have sent a picture of the annual goodie bag.